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Effective Leadership & Efficient Governance



Friends and Neighbors,

Your support, commitment and unwavering dedication to me are especially valued. My family, my campaign team, and I all extend our sincere thanks for all you have done and shared to get me elected! 

While the final poll results do not fully reflect our hard work, they do show 
the city council race in District 8 was far more partisan-focused than we could have predicted. I remain committed to being a
 balanced community voice, using common sense for solving problems. I commend you for being a part of this issues-based campaign, for your prayers, for cheering me on, and for working constantly for my success! All of us should be proud of what we have accomplished and the level of excellence we worked to achieve.   

Since we fired up my District 8 campaign in May 2014 with the vision of One Team, One Dream and One City, hundreds of you made donations, volunteered to block-walk, called voters, and held home gatherings to introduce me to your neighbors and friends! You never stopped telling my story of civic engagement and public service. This grassroots effort is unmatched by any of the candidates, and I believe we all are the better for it.  

It’s people like you who care deeply about our city, our schools, and our quality of life who are essential in shaping the future for District 8 residents and city residents overall. I am incredibly proud to have had your support, confidence, and most importantly, your friendship.

Very Truly Yours,