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Effective Leadership & Efficient Governance
My family and I have made a commitment to the past, present, and future of Austin.  After living in Southwest Austin for over 30 years, a former graduate from Crockett High School and St. Edwards University, I know there is much that is great about Austin, but I want to serve and lead on the City Council because there is still much that can be done to meet the needs of Southwest Austin and the Greater Austin area.

​Positive and transformational change comes through a movement that includes voices from all segments of the community.  The new 10-1 system will now ensure the opportunity for Southwest Austin to be heard.

"Working together for Southwest Austin as one team, with one dream, for one City, we will build a healthier Austin!"

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Endorsements and Supporters

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Austin American-Statesman

Bike Austin

Bike Texas

The Villager

Travis County Judge, Sam Biscoe

Hon. Lee Cooke​

Hon. Gus Garcia

Hon. Jackie Goodman

Hon. Berl Handcox

Hon. Judge Wallace Jefferson

Hon. Jeffrey Richard
Hon. Kathy Rider
Hon. Dr. Charles Urdy
Hon. Mark Williams

Travis County Constable, Danny Thomas

David Anderson

David Armburst
​Premal Armin
Beau Armstrong
William Armstrong
Dr. Charles Atkins
​Stephen Bentley
​John Blazier
​Angela Brown
Deborah Bryant
​Baba Z. Buehler
Bettina C. Bunton
Rick Burciaga
Alan & Mary Castetter
​Karl J. Cerney
Mary Charron
Pastor Gaylon & Kathy Clark
Glen Coleman
​Yolanda Conyers
Sherry Cordry
Pastor Larry Coulter
Terry Damrau
​Rosie Darby
Charles P. Davis
Aaron & Rose Demerson
​Wally DeRoeck
​Robert Dunnam
​Herb Dyer
Joe & Abby Edgar
​Kevin Enders
​Emily W. Evans
Gary Farmer
​Howard Faulkenberg
Amber Fischer
Edna Flores
Pastor Rondy E. Foster
Rolando Garza
Rudy Garza
Jeff Hahn
​Anthony Haley
Sheriff Greg Hamilton
Danielle Hannah
Deborah Hannah
Jerry Harris

Greg W. Hartman
Margaret Haule
Gina Houston
Randy Howry
Bobby Jenkins
Rodney Johnson
James Johnson

Doug Kadison

Amy Jones

Lindsey Jones

Tom Kenney
Randy & Grace-Marie Kolb
William Kuykendall
Joe Louwright
Gary Manley
Matt Mathias
Bill McClellan
David Mendez
Dr. Wayne McElveen
Richard Moya
Kory Moye
​James Nias
Mahesh Naik
Jeanette Peten
Pastor Randy Phillips
Tina Plummer
Rick & Mary Potter
​Britt Reed
Gregory Reeves
​Ron Reynolds
Lodis Rhodes
Pastor Ryan Rush
Jeff Sasser
Beverly S. Silas
Karen Spruill
Paul & Dee Strickland
Laurie Swan
Kerry Tate
Oscar G. Trevino
Candace Tribble
​Gerry Tucker
Lee Walker
Terry Washington 
Gary Wardian
Tracy Watson
Dana Weis
​Nick Williams
​Laura Williams
Seth Winick
Leonard Woods
Tanya Yeakley
Angie Yowell

One Team - One Dream - One City

Voices from the Community